The relationship you have with yourself matters most because everything starts with YOU.




Transform 2 Perform

Elevating your mind means thinking big, thinking how the jigsaw pieces fit together. Stepping outside of your comfort zone to achieve a bigger, better and more abundant life. A life that is fulfilling based on inner harmony. It is about viewing life from a different perspective; it is about a different way of thinking and a different approach to problem solving; it is about developing emotional intelligence in leadership positions, in personal relationships and in parenting. 

ElevatEd Minds is helping you solving problems you thought could never be solved as one thing for sure: “The problem is never the problem.” The problem is not knowing why the problem occurred. We can all adorn our outer shell but we always act based on our subconscious beliefs. Always!  

"Having an attractive quality that gives pleasure to those who experience it or think about it. Being beautiful is not about the physical features."

My definition of an elevated life.

  • you know and understand yourself.
  • you can walk through life with confidence.
  • you start to have a desire of changing your life.
  • you own the happiness inside yourself as a state of being.
  • you are able to set healthy boundaries.
  • you can see when people don’t want your best.
  • you can see the beauty of any negative past experiences.
  • you can change your perception of past events.
  • your inner world is at peace and you know whatever you do comes from your heart.
  • you can praise people from your heart and you feel proud of them without expecting anything in return. 
  • you can be the change you want to see in the world.

Beliefs beliefs beliefs… what do you believe about yourself?

First and foremost, it is all about YOU because it starts all with YOU. We acquire our beliefs based on how we experienced our environment between the age of 0 and 5/6/7. We do wonder why we attract certain situations, certain people into our lives when we actually wanted something different. This is why! You attract according to your subconscious beliefs which we formed at a very young age. Here is one question for you: Have you ever tried positive affirmations such as “I am self-confident.” only to find that nothing happens. You are no more confident than a year ago. There is a reason for it. Find out what needs to be done to change your blueprint.

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