About Foxy Lady Cornelia

I am a certified and licensed RTT Practitioner – RTT was founded and developed by Marisa Peer. RTT stands for Rapid Transformational Therapy, NLP Practitioner, accredited  Master Hypnotherapist and a certified GBO Business Coach and Mentor trained by Alex Mandossian. I teach people how to be happy from the inside out. How to radiate from the inside out. How to glow from the inside out.

In addition to hypnosis, I use Inner Child Healing Therapy, HeartMath Breathing and I am clinically certified for stress, anxiety and self-regulation by HeratMath, I use ego state intervention and what the difference is between a healthy and unhealthy ego. I help people to eliminate self-sabotage and fears. Fears are holding us back and I do masterminds on the topic of fears and the link to self-sabotaging success. Please check out my other website where you find the link at the top.

I help people upgrading their inner world. Why inner world?

People want to be successful and it is part of life. Success is the most misunderstood term. Most people see success as something we have on the outside world. When we have a bigger house for example, we can show that we are successful whether towards others or yourself. I cannot disagree with it because this is how success is measured.

Once upon a time… I had everything in my outer world. It all disappeared over night. I worked hard and diligently and I had build a “little empire” for myself. Not on purpose. I had never set out to build an “empire” for myself. I was successful professionally. Less successful in my personal relationships. Despite all the outside successes, I never felt happy. I worked in my dream job. I loved my profession. And yet, something that I thought would never happen did happen, burnout found me. I had no idea at the time. All I knew was that everything felt like quicksand. I had no hold or grip on my life. Everything crumbled and I know you are likely to say: This will not happen to me and I hope it won’t because it is something I would not wish for anyone to happen. I had no idea of the meaning BURNOUT. Sure, I heard of it but never believed that it would get to me. Not in a million years. I was resilient. I was a hard-working woman. I was a fighter. But one thing was missing… one missing ingredient. Despite all my successes. If you want to know more about it, I invite you to go to Roku TV and find ElevatEd Minds TV which is my own TV show, to learn more about it.

When you do not feel your worth from the inside out, those outer successes will not make you happy because your soul will always be sad. Why is your soul sad? Because your soul does not get the nourishment it needs. You can feed it with outside successes, money, holidays, clothes, shoes, make-up, spa, great cars etc. but if your soul is unhappy those things will not make your soul happy.

What does your soul need? LOVE. This is the simple answer and LOVE cannot be bought. LOVE does not need to be earned either. LOVE is just there but so many do not feel it inside of them. Why not?

Because we were not taught how to love. Our conditioning is that LOVE is painful and LOVE is anything but painful. LOVE is gentle and kind.


What Is Self-Love?

Sophisticated Education Lasting Forever – Leaping Over Venomous Engagement

It means that I educate people on self-love and with that how to manifest successfully and powerfully. It is working smart rather than hard. It is being happy first before any other successes and this includes job titles or status.

We bring our children up to be successful at school. How about bringing our children up with healthy self-esteem because those outside successes will come automatically. This is working smart.

Self-Love is an evolution. An evolution is something new and unknown. We do not know the feeling of self-love. Self-love that lasts and comes from the inside. Self-love is not only buying nice outfits and going to the hairdresser or having your nails done… Yes, it is all part of it but it never lasts. The only true love that will never let you down is self-love. It has got to be healthy. People with an inflated ego also have self-love but it is false self-love. There is still a void inside of them.

The Inner Child Needs To Be Happy

I assist people in releasing their traumas and traumas come from emotional neglect, abandonment, emotional abuse or verbal abuse  and those emotions are stuck in our bodies and those emotions trigger us in certain situations.

I use Inner Child Healing.

Healthy self-esteem is needed to be successful 360 degrees. Not just the outside successes because they can be taken away from you. When we were born, we had self-esteem and if you feel sad inside or disappointed or depressed, then your soul got clouded and conditioned. Your heart collected painful emotions through certain events that happened. You then form beliefs and those beliefs manifest as your truths. You form your beliefs between the age of 0 and 5/6/7 years. All untrue beliefs need to be eliminated and smashed before anything new can be planted and once that seed is planted, you are able to nurture it with love, affection and compassion coming from you. It is your inner child!

I work with the subconscious mind, however, I have other tools available to help clients and businesses to perform to an elevated level. It is about modifying our thoughts and rewiring our neuronal connections.  I teach emotional intelligence in business and life and what it means to become your own leader.

So many relationships break down, the dating world seems completely out of sync and no one really knows anymore what to do. Many will have given up because of many disheartened experiences. This is called Philophobia. The fear to love again. Sadly, this does exist but like any fear, it is a conditioning.

It is looking at the SELF and understanding the SELF. The Inner Child is in the unconscious and this unconscious programming needs to be discovered and rectified because you attract according to who you are and not what you want.

I have been on a spiritual journey myself and I use spiritual tools and Healing The Inner Child is a spiritual tool. You will learn how to see YOUR reality as a mirror of yourself. If you do not like something, you can change it but first we need to find out what you need to change. Oftentimes, it is self-sabotage. Inner Child Healing requires reparenting yourself and I offer activities to help the process and the progress. When you understand your inner child, you will parent your own children in a much better way because they only mirror back to you what your own pain is.

I teach how to be a successful manifestor. How to change your identity to become this person who you aspire to be in your reality.

My own life experiences and adversities made this new professional career of mine possible and I am very grateful for all life experiences because without them, I would never be the person I have become after my own reflective journey. I am very proud to say that I have escaped the emotional prisons I have kept myself in for more than 5 decades. I would have never put myself together to see the clear picture of myself. How did I do this all?

I invested heavily in myself and I am talking about serious money. You can do this, too or you choose to work with someone who offers everything under one roof.

Along my journey I met some coaches, mentors, teachers, therapists. Every single one of them contributed something to the understanding of myself but most of all, I did it myself. This requires brutal honesty and a lot of hours of education. Therapy is learning about the SELF. There is a stigma attached to therapy that there is something wrong with you. There is nothing wrong. Sometimes we just get out of alignment.  Some calibration is needed.  A good therapist will always put you in the centre, and a good therapist will never judge you because they have been through so many dark times themselves that they are certainly not scared of the client’s darkness.

A good coach, mentor, teacher, therapist will help you to understand your own past and past mistakes, but they will always show love and compassion for you. They will always encourage you and you will always feel positive and uplifted after each session.

“We are not meant to run away from our own shadow, nor are we meant to be fearful of our own shadow. We are meant to look at it for our own healing.” (ElevatEd Minds -Transform2Perform)