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I am a certified and licensed RTT Practitioner – RTT was founded and developed by Marisa Peer. RTT stands for Rapid Transformational Therapy, NLP Practitioner, accredited  Master Hypnotherapist and a certified GBO Business Coach and Mentor trained by Alex Mandossian. 

I help people transforming their mindsets by finding the root cause of their limiting beliefs holding them back from greatness. I assist people in releasing their traumas and how to smash any addictions. There is a clear link between trauma and addiction and first and foremost, knowing who you are is needed in order to develop healthy self-esteem. All toxic beliefs need to be eliminated and smashed before anything new can be planted and once that seed is planted, you are able to nurture it with love, affection and compassion coming from you. It is your inner child!

I work with the subconscious mind, however, I have other tools available to help clients and businesses to perform to an elevated level. It is about modifying our thoughts and rewiring our neuronal connections.  

I have a great passion for people and people are my passion. My own life experiences and adversities made this new professional career of mine possible and I am very grateful for all life experiences because without them, I would never be the person I have become after my own transformational journey, after understanding and releasing so many traumatic emotions and I am very proud to say that I have escaped the emotional prisons I have kept myself in for more than 5 decades. I would have never put myself together to see the clear picture of myself. How did I do this all? I am very happy to share my secrets. 

Every step is a step in the right direction with a coach, mentor, teacher, therapist. Why? It is the amazing power of being able to talk without any judgement. A good therapist will always put you in the centre, and a good therapist will never judge you because they have been through so many dark times themselves that they are certainly not scared of the client’s darkness. 

A good coach, mentor, teacher, therapist will help you to understand your own past and past mistakes, but they will always show love and compassion for you. They will always encourage you and you will always feel positive and uplifted after each session. 

“We are not meant to run away from our own shadow, nor are we meant to be fearful of our own shadow. We are meant to look at it for our own healing.” (ElevatEd Minds)

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