Victoria Wicks – RTT

I have known Conny for a few years now. We met on another course & had a connection straight away. When I heard that she was offering RTT, I was intrigued. Conny explained to me what it was all about & the benefits it can offer.

A Letter To A Narcissist

About 4 years ago, when I educated myself on narcissism, control and manipulation, I came across a letter on the internet written by a narcissist to his “prey/victim” or as I prefer calling them “survivor/warrior”. 

When I read through the letter, I felt shocked and almost speechless. Speechless in a sense that they want you to fail, they want you to lose. It is all a game to them. It was so dark and I could feel the heavy energy attached to each and every word. 

Overcoming Fear

How do you smash the fear? 

When we are born, we are born with two natural fears: 1. the fear of noise and 2. the fear of being dropped. 

Over time when we start out in the world and we get experience our under belts, more an more fear starts to build up. Of course, the natural fear of standing a tiger eye to eye is not a good idea and to feel fear then is very normal.

The External And Internal World

…the content is important. 

The cup is the external world…the world we let others see, the world we present to others, the world where we can see all the shiny things. We know that shiny things can blind us.  

In many cases people get admired for all the shiny things they posses and other people have to deal with envy and jealousy from others because these people had the courage to step outside their comfort zone and go for their dreams and they made them come true because they believed in themselves and their success.