The Beauty Of Jigsaws

Life can be like a jigsaw… and if you have ever tried a jigsaw, it is time consuming and it can be frustrating.

Life changes and all of a sudden, your life becomes a huge jigsaw with millions of pieces in front of you, then the task is to put the pieces in the right places, so the picture becomes clear – so you understand why you experienced what you experienced purposefully. Putting a million pieces in place requires a lot of patience and dedication. Times when you try to force a certain piece in and other times you feel like getting a pair of scissors out to cut the piece to size, but you never would, would you. This mistake would always stand out in the picture for you, even if for others it would look perfect – YOU would always know, your focus would go straight to that “misconstruction”.

One day when the glass insert of my coffee maker jug broke and I emptied the jug – there were a million pieces of glass. I gently touched them (don’t try this at home!) and I thought: ‘How on earth can I put all those pieces together? That’s impossible!’ Now, of course, I did not put those pieces together, needless to say, but I was able to compare it to my own life at the time. And so I went on this journey and decided to put piece by piece of my life in the right place along with developing patience, self-love, positive mindset, strength, consistency, perseverance, self-assurance, celebrating every single success and lastly: living with authenticity and compassion.

Whilst I was putting all those pieces together, I accepted that it was okay to walk away from it at times to get a clear mind as I knew I would always return, I accepted that sometimes one can be angry with oneself if it doesn’t affect someone else, I accepted that mistakes are needed and you don’t have to mask anything because mistakes give you only feedback. I did not fail in picking up the wrong pieces at times … all it showed me, when I did pick up the wrong piece that it was the wrong piece, I just had to look for the right one. I did not have the need to get the scissors out, I wanted to find the right piece, no matter how long it would take me as I also enjoyed the journey to the outcome of having a sharp picture in front of me.

In other words, we often try to put our “map” onto others and we get frustrated when the map doesn’t fit. Don’t get the scissors out and cut it down to size, accept the other map and try to adjust yours with love and compassion with setting boundaries as they are important as they protect your own values. And once you have mastered the understanding of your past and the lessons with it, you can say: Once upon a time… leading you to the next chapter of your life.

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