The External And Internal World

…the content is important.

The cup is the external world…the world we let others see, the world we present to others, the world where we can see all the shiny things. We know that shiny things can blind us.

In many cases people get admired for all the shiny things they posses and other people have to deal with envy and jealousy from others because these people had the courage to step outside their comfort zone and go for their dreams and they made them come true because they believed in themselves and their success.

There is a difference between admiration and inspiration.

The internal world is the content of the cup. Your happiness and confidence – the essence of you. What does your internal world look like? Is the content of your cup strong or weak coffee/tea. I like mine just right – a balance so to speak.

Many people believe that their own happiness depends on others. It all depends on ourselves. Why? If you rely on other people and you put them in charge of your own happiness, those people can leave, possessions you thought made you happy can be taken away from you. The next big promotion? We think that the next big thing will make us happy and when we have it, we realise that maybe the price we pay for the big promotion actually makes us unhappier. All those external stimuli can be taken away from us and where is your happiness then? GONE! You see, the cup was more interesting and appealing than the content – YOU! Make YOU a priority.

I am not saying that we don’t need nice things in life, of course we do, they are part of life, but if you shine from the inside, you will project that outwardly,and everybody will know it is genuine beauty.

I have certainly learnt in 50 years that only I can achieve my own happiness, finding the balance within myself because no one can this away from me and whatever I want to build, I know those foundations are solid. When your “inner world” is sorted, you will attract your external world and you won’t get blinded because the external world will be in line with WHO you are.

You certainly deserve that pretty cup.

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