Who Is SHE?

SHE has fought many battles by herself and SHE is still standing.
SHE is an enigma to many people.

SHE has a lot of scars from those battles fought. But SHE knows that every scar is a victory.
SHE can see through people and their deceptions and lies.
SHE can be trusted because she trusts herself.
SHE knows what she is doing because SHE has clarity in her life.
SHE encourages others to stand up for themselves because SHE knows how important healthy boundaries are.
SHE knows what manipulation and control can do to you, but SHE also knows how sweet and juicy victory tastes.
SHE knows how to take care of herself by herself.
SHE knows how to be comfortable in her own energy and company.
SHE knows the true meaning of freedom and confidence.
SHE knows when to walk away.