Alex Mandossian – Founder Of MarketingOnline.Com

Conny is an inspiring leader who leads with authenticity and integrity. She understands fully what is needed to be a leader. A leader leads by example and she is certainly that in every aspect. I am impressed with how she develops emotional intelligence in her team and you truly feel you are part of the team. Conny is confident, assertive in her teachings and allows everybody to contribute ideas. She communicates her vision in a clear way and she fully understands that she is in charge in a non-confrontational way. She embraces challenges and people look up to her as they feel needed, wanted and desired. Conny is a team player and she has a natural ability to lead a team to high performance. Conny requests responsibility as she shows this herself. I highly recommend Conny for any leadership training as she also uses her RTT skills transforming negative mind-sets to positive mental attitudes.

Alex Mandossian,
Founder of