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Transform 2 Perform To A More Fulfilling Life

What is RTT? 

RTT stands for Rapid Transformational Therapy. This therapy was created by Marisa Peer. It is a powerful tool of hypnosis where the root cause of emotional turmoil is identified including some physical problems that can be solved. Everything is in our subconscious mind and we act/behave/speak/interpret the world according to our subconscious mind, according to our beliefs.  

Trapped emotions manifest in our bodies causing us discomfort. Inner emotional wounds cause us to feel unwell and many of them show up in physical symptoms. 

RTT treats the cause of the symptom. We act and behave according to our emotions and because we cannot keep every memory alive in our minds, we tuck them away as emotions and when there is a situation where you feel triggered, that is the moment to take notice of. Emotions are messengers saying to your body: Can you please do something about it? 

Anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, procrastination, lack of motivation, low self-confidence are symptoms but the cause lies elsewhere. It is always what lies beneath

How does it all work? Isn’t hypnosis dangerous? 

Crossing the road might be riskier and more dangerous. You never know what the other person behind the wheel is like. You don’t know for sure what they feel or whether they are upset or raging, having anger inside making them less attentive to the road or driving.

With a good therapist, you feel safe and you can relax because your therapist has your back. Your therapist is attentive to you ad it is all about you. Your therapist has the knowledge and understanding, has empathy towards you and knows how to respond in certain situations. Your therapist is not anxious about any darkness nor will a therapist judge you as there is no reason for judgement. We only judge ourselves and we are our own worst enemies. 

In fact, your therapist is delighted to help you to escape those emotional prisons you have been kept in for so long. And this is a matter of fact. It is the invisible prison and those walls are strong and solid – they can be smashed. All you need are the right tools for that. We keep ourselves in those prisons because isn’t it safe there somehow?

And yet, you are craving freedom. emotional freedom, financial freedom, freedom from toxicity around you.

RTT is about changing your blueprint, changing your limiting beliefs, identifying HOW you acquired those beliefs in the first place. We hold on to our beliefs for decades and when did we form those beliefs anyway? When we were children.

Now then, we are in an adult body with a belief of a child? It sounds so very simple but it is understanding that inner child that was abandoned, rejected, not listened to, ignored, starved of love when it most needed it. This is when you formed your beliefs. When you felt hurt. 

All this can be changed if you want it. It is in your hands. 

Are you curious to find out more about RTT? 

Watch my video. Click on the link.  

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